Sendai (@2.1) vs Matsumoto (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Sendai will win

Sendai – Matsumoto Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

Also, even if there are strong arguments supporting that some particular schools should admit their entrance both in April and in September, these arguments by themselves favor neither the Affirmative nor the Negative side. The debate should focus on the general trend of the Japanese Universities academic year. Even if there are strong arguments supporting that some limited number of special universities (or some special students) should definitely start their academic year in April (or September), these arguments are just talking about exceptions, so these are not themselves enough reason to negate or affirm the topic.

Moreover, the team may be disqualified for the finals, the best debaters award, or any team award in the tournament. If any such violation is found during or after the round, the team in question will lose the round without gaining any points whatsoever. The debaters are strictly prohibited in any way of forging evidence, or distorting evidence when you translate Japanese into English.

3. Instructions / Interruptions during the Debate Round

In case that a team is late for their first preliminary round because of an unavoidable accident, for example sickness or traffic accident, the Tournament Organizer and the Judging Committee will decide whether it is appropriate to give them one or two defeats, or to reschedule the match.

If the violation was judged as malignant, such as intentionally sabotaging the instructions or forging the information, all matches that the team partook will be considered as being defeated, and further participation to the rounds will not be permitted and lose the chance to be qualified to the finals. Teams and their coaches (or accompanying judges) are required to cooperate to the instructions of the tournament organizer. If violations were found after the tournament, any awards given will be cancelled and prizes must be returned. If the team or its coaches (or its accompanying judge) violate the instructions, or if any violation of the rules 1.4.1 ~ 1.4.3 were found during the tournament, the team will be penalized.

Only very exceptionally, when Judges can no other but consider that the Advantages and Disadvantages are perfectly equal, then the Judges should vote for the Negative team (on the majorly accepted policy debate decision rule presumption). When the remaining Advantages and Disadvantages are close, Judges should not easily consider it as a tie, and should seek even for small differences and vote for one team.

Conversations after/before the round

This focus on technicalities may be a not-so-welcome deviation from the supposed core issues of the BI debate. However, to argue, for example, on whether the revenue should come from direct tax or indirect tax maybe just some small technicalities. If in case such deviations are observed frequently in local tournaments during the summer or fall season, definitions to restrict the finance issue may be added in the future. PS: Tax burden will naturally be one of the major issues in this BI debate.

This is, so to say, an indirect attack, and will contribute to the final Summary speech, hence rather recommended. Moreover, such defense provides an effective comparison. It is permitted, for example, to refute like The importance of Disadvantages presented in the Constructive speech, outweighs that of the Advantages presented in the Affirmative Constructive speech, because this is not itself an attack to the importance of Advantages.

In some rare cases, the teams that have not won the same number of wins may be matched, for the sake of other tournament requirements: the number of Affirmative/Negative rounds each team should debate on should be the same, opponent of the previous rounds will not be matched again, and teams from the same school will not have a match against each other.

4.2 Judging

He is named after Iggy Pop. He is a haughty and rude dog and sees humans as monsters for how badly they treated him. Over the course of the story, he begins to make friends with the crew, and resolves to take down DIO with the gang. A Boston terrier granted some degree of sentience following the acquisition of his stand.

The 5thAll Japan High School Debate topic implored students to explore the issueofhow relaxing immigration can change a society. A topic such as nationalsecurity would ask students the question of how the changing of currentnational security operations would change the regional and internationalrelationships with other countries. Detailed within the guidelineswereseveral areas in which the government of Japan intends to expand currentnational defense operations from everything between increasing theeffectiveness of global peacekeeping operations to establishing a DynamicDefense Force.It is my opinion that this topic provides very good opportunities forEnglish high school debaters to debate several different aspects of futureJapanese national security issues, since it is a very timely issue. Recently, the government of Japan released its National Defense ProgramGuidelines for the year 2011 and beyond.

Weigh them lightly if the causal relation between the plan (proposition) and the ADs or the DAs are not supported by evidence. Also diminish the probability, if the opponents attacks were successful, or the defenses were poor. Especially, you should look back at the strength of the proof (evidence) provided within the round. 2.Judge the probability (evidential support) of each issue: First consider how convincing the alleged ADs or DAs were in terms of factual probability.


*In case the questioner has to interrupt the opponents answer and move on to the next question, it is required for the questioner to be polite and making proper excuses to the answerer..

4.Dont judge the winner by comparing the speeches: A bad reason for decision typically goes like this: Ill vote NEG, as I think the NEG Q/As and Attacks were wonderful. I thought the other speeches were even. (Judges should compare the finally defended ADs/DAs.