Khabib Nurmagomedov (@1.29) vs Conor McGregor (@3.5)

Our Prediction:

Khabib Nurmagomedov will win

Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor Match Prediction | 01-01-2020 21:00

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Yada yada, we all know the stylistic matchup. As for an official prediction? Khabib is arguably the best takedown and ground and pound specialist in the UFC, plus he has amazing cardio. Brian Jeffries (@FlyinBrianJ) - Each guy possesses the others kryptonite. Im rooting for McGregor because he produces clicks for my videos, social media, articles, etc. Conor Bless. A combination that Conor has never been up against. Conor has the touch of death in his left hand, which seemingly spells disaster for Khabibs rudimentary striking.

The Notorious made his professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather last year, but hasnt actually fought in MMA since his Nov. Thats a lot of time off and could make ring rust a legitimate factor, especially with McGregor facing a foe as high-level as Nurmagomedov. 2016 victory over Eddie Alvarez. But Poirier ultimately doesnt see McGregors hiatus affecting the outcome once UFC 229 arrives. One of the biggest questions surrounding UFC 229 is the mystery of how McGregor will fare after being sidelined for so long.

Nurmagomedov Is Possibly McGregors Worst Match-Up

If hes not paid what hes worth, hes willing to fight Dustin Poirier instead. That leaves the UFC with two options: UFC 229 in early October, or a New Years Eve showdown at UFC 232. Khabib Nurmagomedov doesnt believe McGregor deserves a title shot, but will accept the fight if hes adequately compensated. McGregor is hinting at a fight in Vegas.

But punch for punch, Lewis is the heavier hitter and if he hits first, Volkov is definitely going to sleep. Make no mistake, Lewis can be knocked out. I think Volkov is too mobile for Lewis. Im not going to risk my money of Derrick Lewis health. My only concern is Derrick Lewis back because Volkov is a mobile heavyweight and if he cant get to Volkov, Lewis is going to tire out and hes shown that weakness in previous bouts. Hes been taken out thrice in five losses.

Which is why, in turn, its such a highly anticipated matchup and why you should be turning in on Saturday night to see who wins. The common thread amongst fighters predicting the fight is that most are having a very difficult time picking a winner and thats a surefire sign of a fight that could go either way.

The thing with Pettis is that even at age 31, he may be past his prime. Pettis has looked like the shadow of his old self in recent years and against a guy oozing with confidence in Ferguson, that could be a problem. He has struggled for form in the last four years and no longer has the swag and confidence of the man known as Showtime.

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UFC 229 has finally arrived, with the UFC pay-per-view set to go down Saturday night inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The main event scheduled for the card is one of the biggest that the sport has ever seen, with Conor McGregor set to return from a lengthy absence to challenge reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Khabib prefers to be more selective with his strikes, landing nearly as often, but with less force. Khabib is a natural wrestler and while his results show a well-rounded game, its clear that his wrestling is his greatest strength. This allows him two benefits, with the first being he doesnt get hit very often himself (1.55 SApM to Conors 4.55) and secondly his strike set up his grappling.

Ferguson has a record of 23-3 with 9 knockouts and 9 submissions. Tony Ferguson was supposed to fight Khabib at UFC 223 for the lightweight title but he suffered a freak accident and was replaced by Al Iaquinta. Now El Cucuy sets his sights at the winner of the main event but he must first defeat former champion Anthony Pettis. He is currently on a lightweight record 10 fight winning streak.

But while McGregor has long passed into the realm of household name, Nurmagomedov is an unknown entity outside of MMA fans. But those who are in the know are aware that this fight is no picnic for McGregor, who fights an unbeaten man who is world-class proficient at McGregors most lacking element of his game. So, if youre planning on watching this comeback, heres some things you should look out for.

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The main question here is if Khabibs chin will hold because if he can take McGregors best punches, the Irishman is in for a long night. When Khabib tries to shoot for the takedown, the champion will leave himself open to getting hit with McGregors left hand. Every fight starts on its feet so McGregor will look for the opening early. His best chance would be to fight at a distance and utilize his elite striking. This is a classic fight between striker and wrestler and it will be interesting to see who gets the fight to where he wants.

Now that its down to the wire and someone is asking me to make an honest to God choice, my gut is telling me McGregor. Stephie Haynes (@CrooklynMMA) - Ive been on the fence about this fight since it was first announced and have gone back and forth no less than 100 times. Both men are incredibly talented, but I think Conors power is going to be the game-changer and will bring an early end to the contest.

McGregor has headlined four out of the top five most profitable UFC PPVs. But this isnt any other fighter. So what should be proof of why you shouldnt be in the organization has instead turned into promotional material. And, while McGregor is playing ball now, should he win and decide to take on another boxing match or another , the division could be held in limbo like it was during his first hiatus.