Conor McGregor (@2.25) vs Jorge Masvidal (@1.61)

Our Prediction:

Jorge Masvidal will win

Conor McGregor – Jorge Masvidal Match Prediction | 30-12-2019

Right now, Khabib and Poirier are fighting. Masvidal match-up. He wants to come back. Really what hes doing is seeing how everything plays out in September. You know how this business works, anything can happen and usually does. I talked to (McGregor) last week. So I think hes just sort of waiting to see how it all plays out and does he have an opportunity somewhere to jump in and make something happen, said White at the UFC 240 post-fight press conference, before once again shooting down a McGregor vs.

Im not going in there to outpoint him or nothing, Im going in there hit the off button on him and that wakes up a lot of fighters. No matter what happens, Im getting my hand raised at the end of that. Im gonna get my hand raised at the end of it, I know that for a fact. The fight is here and its gonna be action packed. And if Conor takes the fight, Im know Im the type of guy that hes gonna be motivated by to run early, do the miles that hes got to do, and train because he knows Im only going for one thing on him, the off button. If Conor wants it, its here, Masvidal said.

Masvidal is a big fella too. Youre talking about a guy that knocked out Cowboy Cerrone, knocked out Darren Till, knocked out Ben Askren. I mean, hes knocking out big welterweights big. Thats a rough fight for Conor, Rogan began. He really belongs at 170 [pounds], thats where hes fighting. Darren Till is a big welterweight. Hes not a guy coming up from 155 pounds. Hes never making 155 pounds. Hes a big guy. Hes big. He fought at 155, but really tortured himself to make that weight.

The Irishman won the belt in both divisions, but never defended either. McGregor has been fighting at lightweight most recently after entering the UFC in the featherweight division. Masvidal has been fighting at welterweight for the past several years despite spending much of his early career at lightweight.

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One of the most underrated aspects of Conors makeup as a fighter is his phenomenal ability to take a shot and I dont believe that Masvidal will be able to get the finish here, but I can see this fights competitiveness peaking at around the third-round before Jorge begins to put some real damage on a diminished McGregor in the championship rounds.

In that same vein, Masvidal believes the challenge of going up and facing him would once again bring out the best in McGregor. He also insisted on rematching Nate Diaz at 170 pounds, though a rematch at lightweight probably served him better. He boxed Floyd Mayweather without any prior pro boxing experience and took on Khabib, a stylistic nightmare matchup for him, without batting an eye. Say what you want about McGregor but no one can deny that Notorious has never been one to shy away from a challenge.

If he feels hes not getting the money he deserves to come back, man Im the first one to applaud him and be like, Do your thing my brother. First, let me say whether Conor takes it or not - because people be putting sometimes words in peoples mouths, from my mouth in particular - I got good things to say about Conor, Masvidal told TMZ Sports. Go get your moneys worth. Thats the first thing I want to say. So if he feels he aint getting his moneys worth, Im not gonna call ever him a p*ssy for that, or nothing like that. Hes done a lot in this sport and hes made his money already. Go get the money. I always cheer for my MMA brothers and sisters.

Im telling you guys, Ive said it a million times and Ill say it again, this guy will fight anybody and I dont care if hes pissed off about it or not, I think that Masvidal is too big for Conor. (McGregor said) that pisses me off that you said hes too big for me.

McGregor has reportedly been in a standoff with the UFC over his return to the cage since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. Given Masvidals recent star turn, Gamebred could be considered a solid option for McGregor but UFC Dana White opined that Masvidal was too big for the former two-division world champion. His name has been linked to several bouts but nothing firm has ever taken hold. That prompted White to draw the ire of McGregor, and Masvidal concurs that the size discrepancy is overblown.

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3. Ben Askren at UFC 239, might have cemented himself as the No. While it seemed like his good friend and teammate, Colby Covington, was a lock for the next shot, hes booked to fight Robbie Lawler in the main event of UFC on ESPN 5 on Aug. 1 contender. Masvidal (34-13 UFC, 11-6 UFC), whos coming off the fastest knockout in UFC history vs.

If this fight were to happen at lightweight, I honestly think Conor would spark him within two rounds as a result of Jorges arduous (and potentially even dangerous) weight-cut but in a welterweight battle, I think the former featherweight would run into a lot of the same issues that made both bouts with Diaz as competitive as they were.

Their difference in height is two inches, with Masvidal being the taller fighter, but their reach is identical. White, however, insists that McGregor is more focused on the upcoming UFC 242 main event between 155-pound champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim titleholder Dustin Poirier. Still, White doesnt like the match-up and is prepared to go to war with McGregor over it if that becomes the fight that McGregor eventually wants.

Since the Irishmans rise to the top of MMA, hes easily the most sought after fight among the top-tier fighters near his weight range. A lot. People call out Conor McGregor. But usually when they call out McGregor its either with anger (Youre taking everything I worked for motherf*cker!) or by playing against his ego (He tap like chicken.) Jorge Masvidal is trying a different tactic.